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It's a Shame About RayAs the deep-voiced narrator intones in It's a Shame About Ray: "Bottom line: Ray is walking, talking, decaying matter." And it only gets worse as Ray suddenly finds himself having to account for a life that maybe wasn't worth living. First time director Ajay Sahgal's hilarious short stars Robert Forster as a jump-suited, Cadillac-driving emissary from the world beyond and Carlos Jacott as his unlucky victim. The film made its world premiere at RESFEST where it won Best Short Film for 2001 and charmed audiences with its humorous look into the hereafter. It's a Shame About Ray is 38 minutes and 10 seconds long, and has yet to be released for the general public to see.

Director: Ajay Sahgal
Writer: Ajay Sahgal

Carlos Jacott .... Ray
Robert Forster .... Wally
Kelli Williams .... Anna
Dean Cameron (I) .... Waiting Room Guy
Michael Badalucco .... Mr. Seinfeld
Garry Marshall .... Mr. Brezhnev
Willie Garson .... Mr. Schwarzeneggar
Chris Hogan (II) .... Mr. Quayle
Googy Gress .... Mr. Brando
Matt Adler .... Mr. Springsteen
Phill Lewis .... Mr. Scorcese
Grant Heslov .... Mr. Roy
Joshua Malina .... Ms. Streisand
Peter Krause (I) .... Mr. Hanks
Eric Stoltz .... Mr. Stoltz
Emily Deschanel .... Maggie
Kate Forster .... Valentina

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