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inline Rose RedIn this made-for-TV Stephen King mini-series, a group of people with psychic powers are invited to spend the night in a haunted house. Dr. Joyce Reardon, a psychology professor, leads the team of psychics into the decrepit mansion known as Rose Red. Her efforts unleash the spirit of former owner Ellen Rimbauer and uncover the horrifying secrets of those who lived and died there. Emily plays Pam Asbury, the touch-know psychic. This is her first major role since graduating from Boston University's Professional Actors Training Program. Said Emily of the movie, "I just hope the Rose Red audience isn't too scared of ghosts! Be prepared to be scared out of your wits!"

Director: Craig R. Baxley
Writer: Stephen King

Nancy Travis .... Dr. Joyce Reardon
Matt Keeslar .... Steve Rimbauer
Kimberly J. Brown .... Annie Wheaton
David Dukes .... Professor Miller
Judith Ivey .... Cathy Kramer
Melanie Lynskey .... Rachel Wheaton
Matt Ross (I) .... Emery Waterman
Julian Sands .... Nick Hardaway
Kevin Tighe .... Victor Kandinsky
Julia Campbell .... Ellen Rimbauer
Emily Deschanel .... Pam Asbury
Laura Kenny .... Kay Waterman
Tsidii Leloka .... Sukeena
Yvonne Sciņ .... Deanna Petrie
Jimmi Simpson .... Kevin Bollinger
Robert Blanche .... George Wheaton
Bobby Preston .... Young Steven
Stephen King .... Pizza Delivery Guy (uncredited)

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