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The Heart Department is a pilot that was shot for CBS, produced by Columbia TriStar Television, and created and executive produced by Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman, who brought us "Party of Five." The drama focuses on two characters played by Felicity Huffman and Tony Shalhoub. Huffman plays a cardiologist who is invited by Shalhoub's character, a psychiatrist, to join him at a university hospital in Berkeley, Calif., after she breaks up with her boyfriend. She accepts, not knowing that the psychiatrist, an old friend, has always had feelings for her. "Beverly Hills, 90210" alum Lindsay Price also stars as a heart transplant coordinator and man-magnet. Emily plays Maude Allyn, and although I'm not sure what part her character plays in the show, I'm guessing that it is reoccuring. Sadly, the one-hour medical drama has been put on the shelf for now without the pilot even being aired.

Director: Dean Parisot

Felicity Huffman .... Dr. Liza Peck
Tony Shalhoub .... Dr. Joseph Nassar
John Larroquette .... Dr. Fred Biskin
Mark Feuerstein .... William 'Bump' Daley
Emily Deschanel .... Maude Allyn
Lindsay Price .... Juliet Lee
Elena Evangelo .... Stacey Calhoun
Kristoffer Ryan Winters .... Mark Ryan
Simon Templeman .... Doug
Caryn Ward .... Shondra Adaire
Pamella D'Pella .... Tanya Adaire

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